Once upon a time, in the era of Angels, it happened that the Angels had gathered to depart the earth.

"Every one gather here!"

...said the Angel of Law (the supreme Angel).

"We have to get ready to depart the earth, we have taught the humans so much that they wouldn't need our presence here."

....continued the Angel of Law.

They all agreed, but one; the Angel of Care, because she had become fond of a little girl on the earth named Amalia. The Angel stopped by, to bless Amalia before leaving the earth.

Years after, little Amalia had grown into an adult and had a daughter by the name Caramel. She was powerful supernaturally. (It could be from the Angel's blessing).

However Caramel's parent had worries about her, she hardly could keep friends. One day, Amalia (the mother of Caramel) invited the prince of Duzuma, from a neighboring city for a visit. 

Just before I forget to add; Amalia got married to a prince and at this time, she was now a Queen.

Caramel hardly keeps friends because of her supernatural powers, she wouldn't want anyone to know how unique she was.

The Prince of Duzuma finally arrived, it was a cold day and Amalia wasn't ready to meet anyone talk-less of a stranger. 

(I think Caramel was under the weather - really sick)! This was not the best time to make friend or meet anyone.

The prince had journeyed for some distance with the hope of meeting Amalia, who is the princess of Dalon.

What will happen next? Questions!

  • Will Caramel get to meet the prince?
  • Will she finally get to make a new friend?
  • Will the prince discover her supernatural power?
  • Will Caramel get embraced afterwards?
Wait for the next Chapter.

Thanks for Reading...with love, from DeAnni

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