My 10-year-old birthday can also be called my first birthday party . 

My 10th-birthday-party was the best fun I've ever had, although from our house to the venue was a distance, we drove for about an hour and 15 minutes. I did my birthday party at the Leisure Mall in  Surulere town, Lagos Mainland. 

My parents had organized a venue for the party inside the mall with Immersia Virtual Studio. They are a gaming place, from Video games, to VR, to Skating with hover boards, kart racing etc. Its usually a fun filled place. But this time the venue was set for my birthday party and some of the games would be for my guests.

First when we got to the leisure mall, we went up the stairs to Immersia Virtual Studio, I blew some balloons before I had to change to a purple ball gown dress. Whille I entered, mum poped a party poper all over me as others sang me the classic happy birthday song . There were balloons all over and around my feet when i was seated. My friend and uncle in church whom we call Brother Wisdom was the MC { Master of the Ceremony} 

More about the fun, firstly I ate some Pufpuff and Chinchin, I asked for more puffpuff because it really tasted nice. We did some games like; dancing around the chairs, answering some questions around chess game, balancing something on your head and so much more. We also had some candies and then ate Joloff rice with chicken and drinks.

I received some birthday gifts right there and I ensured  everyone who came to the party got a party pack too. .My dad and family got me a special gift in a big red gift box, i was told to unbox and guess what could be inside the box. I didn't know what was in the box . They told me to open the box and I did so slowly, i really didn't know what to expect. Hurray! it was a new 13 inches dell ultrabook laptop, a  puzzle of 800 pieces and a nice smelling deodorant. 

I am really excited about my new laptop to encourage me to type and post more beautiful stories. 

Thank you to everyone that attended my birthday party and those that called and sent me good wishes. For the prayers and love. I am very blessed to have you all around me.