She was left with only two options.

To say the truth or lie.

“If I say, I took it, what will mum do? If I tell a lie, what will happen?

Treasure decided to keep shut. She thought silence is the better option.

Daniel was thoroughly punished, Treasure knew she was the cause. She took it, but will prefer to keep quiet.

Daniel cried all day, it was not a good day for him. Treasure couldn’t hold back any longer, so she went to her mum to confess.

“Mum, I have a confession to make. I took….hmmm!” 

(The door opens and the cook called for mum’s attention)

Mum couldn’t wait to hear Treasure’s confession and Daniel was still under punishment.

Daniel was punished for Treasure’s bad action.

The next day, Treasure tried to confess to her brother; Daniel, in apology for the punishment.

Daniel listened attentively and forgave his only Sister.

“You know I would always be there for you…, next time, do not take from mum’s treasures.”

They both smiled and laughed over it, even though Daniel was still feeling the pains.

Moral lessons. You will not determine the result of your actions. Someone else may be punished for your bad actions and sometimes it doesn’t end well.